West Dean Workshops


This year West Dean is hosting a special Nordic Themed Weekend in December and I’m really pleased to be taking part and teaching two workshops — Swedish Nålbindning: The Basics and Northern Knits: Folk Knitting Techniques for Garments.

Nålbindning is a fascinating technique used for creating woollen textiles using only short lengths of natural fibers and a single needle. There are many distinctive stitch structures and regional variations of this Scandinavian technique and during this ‘taster’ day workshop I shall be concentrating on just one classic Swedish Nålbindning method. We will use an authentic Nålbindning needle and Swedish wool yarn to work with.

Northern Knits: Folk Knitting Techniques for Garments is a longer course that is ideally suited to the intermediate and advanced knitter. There will be plenty of time to learn some of the stunning and original techniques frequently used in Northern folk hand knits including; Swedish twined knitting, stranded or Fair Isle patterned colour work, yokes and steeking. Each of these techniques feature in my new book First Frost: Cozy Folk Knitting and I will be bringing these new projects along with me so there will be plenty of nordic style knits for you to look at and study.

The photos below are from First Frost and show the steeked arm and neck of the Elsa Sweater, colour work and twined stitch detailing on the Lyyli Project Bag and the distinctive Fia Plotulopi Cardigan yoke.

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First Frost!

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First Frost: Cozy Folk Knitting is a brand new collection of knits for all the family. It is a celebration of Northern, Nordic and Baltic decorative folk knitting techniques and in particular those techniques used for folk mitten, glove and sock making.

There are projects for women, men, children and the home and you will be able to explore, learn and put into practice unique folk techniques such as knotted and decorative cast ons, braiding, steeking, colour work, unusual regional shaping, decorative fringing, embroidery, thrumming, twined and twisted stitches all while knitting socks, cushions, toys, sweaters, gloves, hats and more -  your everyday knitting will never be the same again!

First Frost is due out in America on the 9th of October and in the UK on the 28th November — and over the next few weeks I shall be showing more of the projects from the book…

You can pre order a copy of the physical book directly from the Interweave store, Barnes and Noble, Amazon US and Amazon UK or alternatively as an eBook from here

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Interweave Favorites

25-knitted-Acc-coverInterweave Favorites: 25 Knitted Accessories to wear and share is the first in a new series of books and it has the Märta Embroidered Bag pattern in it — (this pattern was originally in Northern Knits).

Autumn must be only just around the corner, as looking through the book I was drawn to all the hat patterns — and there are six to knit!
In particular I liked the look of Brattleboro Hat by Melissa LaBarre and Jared Flood’s Wanderer Cap.

It was however, a real shame to see an error on the pattern page for  the Märta Embroidered Bag (p115) as it states that the Ullcentrum Öland 2 thread yarn has been discontinued — but this isn’t the case by any means and it is still very much in existence and can be easily bought directly from Ullcentrum here!
All the original colours are still available (and many more besides) and if you want to knit this lovely bag I urge you to use the Swedish 2-thread pure wool yarn as intended — you won’t be disappointed!

You can find out more about the book here or here.

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Knitting Inspiration


My trip to Scandinavia was wonderful — both inspiring and relaxing.
Much time was spent enjoying ‘the nature’, art galleries, the local cuisine and of course knitting!

Exciting knitting and book news coming very soon…


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Summer Twined Knitting


My Twined knitted socks are coming in very useful in the Swedish summer evenings. These are a grey version of my Ulla Socks, knitted of course in lovely Ullcentrum 2 thread yarn. As I have said before — you just can’t beat a pair of Twined woolly socks!

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