First Copy!

There was a surprise in the post this week – my first copy of Northern Knits Gifts!

I’m so pleased with it as it looks wonderful, and I can’t thank the Interweave team enough for the tremendous job that they have done.

The official publication date here in the UK is the 23rd October, and a little nearer the time I shall talk more about the projects and yarns…
Seeing your own book for the first time evokes quite a mix of emotions – first there is an element of disbelief, as after so many months of hard work you can’t quite believe it is really  finished and printed. And then, as it has been about a year since I finished all the knitting, I look through the book and can’t believe that I worked so hard and that all the projects are mine!

I will be signing copies of Northern Knits Gifts and teaching workshops  at Lion Brand Yarn Studios in New York in November, so please do come and join me. There is a direct link here to book a place.

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4 Responses to First Copy!

  1. Willy says:

    Hej Lucinda
    I love your work, it is wonderful and very inspriring.
    Do you allow me to use photo’s for my blog and to write about your latest book? I will put a link to your website and blog.
    I tried to send the request by e-mail but there was error.

    Best regards,

    • Lucinda Guy says:

      I would be more than happy for you to use photos from my latest book for your blog.
      And yes, please do put a link to my website – that would be great.

      I find your blog very inspiring too particularly the posts about folk crafts – such beautiful photos.

  2. Miriam. says:

    I’m looking forward for the book, Lucinda. And I am glad to join the workshop twined knitting given by The Dutch Knitters. So hopefully I know how to do it by the time the book has reached me. And New York…maybe in my dreams. I hope you have a great great time there..what an adventure!!!!! Bye Miriam.

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