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house-blog-photoFirst Frost: Cozy Folk Knitting is a celebration of that certain time of the year when nights have become longer, darker, and colder and you feel the need to light a fire in the fireplace, cheerful candles in the windows and reach for cosy woollen knits to wrap up in.

This brand new collection is also a celebration of the construction of decorative folk knitting – in particular folk mittens, folk gloves and folk socks. As essential everyday items for anyone living and working in the harsh, cold climates of the North, these folk knits ranged from simple and utilitarian to exuberantly textural, braided, tasseled, coloured and patterned knits reserved for special occasions and celebrations.

These intriguing and beautifully decorative knitting techniques have served as inspiration for the twenty cosy and comforting designs in this book.
What better way is there to celebrate these old and often ancient folk techniques than by continuing to incorporate them into our everyday knits?
As you work your way through the patterns in First Frost you will be able to explore many folk techniques including: knitting intarsia in the round, Estonain nupps, decorative and colourful fishtail cast ons, knotted and fringed cast ons, twined knitting, vikkel braids, distinctive Muhu Island decreasing, steeking, Lovikka style embroidery, thrumming, decorative knotted relief stitches, twisted braids, twisted stitches, travelling stitches and more…

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