Hifa Trollgarn

I have had several queries regarding the availability of the Hifa Trollgarn
from Hillesvag Ullvarefabrikk in Norway. Although other Hifa yarns are
readily available the Trollgarn is proving more difficult to get hold of.

I have used it for the new Oda Baby Blanket project in Northern Knits Gifts. It’s a very beautiful lofty, soft and springy 2 ply yarn which is available in some truly sumptuous shades. Warm and comforting, Trollgarn is easy to knit with and really is well worth tracking down.

You can contact the company directly here and ask about placing an order.

The beautiful illustration ‘Bland tomtar och troll, 1915’, is by the Swedish artist John Bauer.

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2 Responses to Hifa Trollgarn

  1. Ulla V. says:

    Being from Denmark – and being a huge fan of your work for a long time – I’m so thrilled about your new book. I love how you have taken the Nordic patterns and made them into your own. And that with much respect of the original look.

    Luckily I can buy the Hifa Trollyarn at my local yarn shop, so that’s not as difficult, but I know the problem from when I knit from English patterns and need yarn we don’t have here in Denmark. :)

    Have a lovely Sunday…

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