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These amazing sweaters were knitted by Siri Söger in the late 1980’s.
Although born in Denmark, Siri Söger grew up in Sweden and, at the time of making these remarkable sweaters, she lived deep within a Swedish forest.

When interviewed, after winning a national knitting competition, she explains how she finds inspiration for her knitwear  – I have to live close to a big forest, unspoiled nature exercises such terrific power over me. I live in my little house, with no telephone, no radio, no television, where I’ve made all my own furniture. I fetch water and chop wood. I make clothing and shoes, and I grow some food for my own needs. I want to have a life of my own and I need concentration and solitude to find my pictures.

I can’t seem to find out anything else about her other than this article in the (much blogged about before!) Made in Sweden book.
Perhaps she is still living deep in her forest…

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2 Responses to Inspired Knitting…

  1. Miriam Kleijnen says:

    Wow Lucinda , this are the real artists!!
    Once in a while I would like to live deep in a forest..Hope your new book is coming soon, looking really forward!
    I have your ‘older’ book Designs for Kids’ at my table..think I start with the Little House blanket. My children know already that their children have to wear knitted sweaters haha. Maybe in ten years I can start..I love the sweaters in the book!

    Enjoy summer..hopefully a lot of sunny days..


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