Maarika Bag

Interweaves emag, ColorKnits Fall 2012, is now available to download – for ipads!

I’m really pleased to see that my contribution  – the Maarika Bag – is featured on the cover. Inspiration for the design came from looking at the richly embroidered and colourful folk textiles and decorative pottery from Romania, as well as the fantastically bold and beautiful abstract textile designs of the Weiner Werkstätte. It is knitted using Kauni pure wool yarn.

ColorKnits explores the many and varied ways in which you can incorporate colour into your knitting as well as having articles on colour theory and natural dyeing. There are brand new patterns (including a beautiful beret by Alice Starmore), and all sorts of other things besides…
Find out more here.
Traditionally dressed women from Transylvania, 1920’s.
Weiner Werkstätte coat ‘Cresta’, 1913.

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  1. Miriam. says:

    Wow really can be proud!!! I love traditional are able to continue the tradition. The refreshing colours , yarns , your designs…I love it!!!! Bye Miriam.

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