New Workshops

Autumn is fast approaching and we will be needing warm, comforting clothes and interesting projects to make and do to see us through the winter.

Socks, mittens, scarfs, shawls, sweaters, hats – you name it, it will soon be the time to get knitting, crocheting and nålbindning them. I shall be teaching the following ten workshops over the next four months: Crochet: An Introduction, Knitting: The Basics, Knitting: Improvers, Hand Knitted Socks, Hand Knitted Mittens, Swedish Nålbindning, Crochet: Improvers, Beginners Knitting, Beginners Crochet, Knit A Nordic Angel.

Take a look at each of the workshop pages for more details and join me to get making unique woollen projects and brush up on your constructed textile techniques.

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