Kids Learn to Stitch Events!


Kids Learn to Stitch will be out very soon – on the 7th of October! – and to celebrate both Francois and I will be signing books and stitching at various events in London, Sussex and Ireland.

Please come and join us and get yourselves a beautifully signed copy of Kids Learn to Stitch (Francois always does a great Peg and Pip special signature!). You will also be able to get a copy of Kids Learn to Knit and Kids Learn to Crochet, and there will be a very special deal for all three books – hooray!!

We will be at the London Knitting & Stitching show on Saturday 8th of October, between 2 and 4pm on stand H32, and at The Stitchery in Lewes as part of Sew Saturday on the 15th of October. In mid November we will be travelling to Belfast for a special book signing and at the end of November we will be at Much Ado Books here in Sussex – but more on these two events later…

Knitting and stitching GMC standSew Saturday at the Stitchery, Lewes

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Kids Learn to Stitch…


Kids Learn to Stitch is out today in the USA!
Whoo Hoo!

You can get it here as well as all good crafting and stitching shops across the USA…

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Nice knitted sweater…

Christopher-WoodWhat a nice knitted sweater Christopher Wood is wearing in his self portrait 1927.

I’ve always much admired Wood’s work and in particular this lovely piece of knitwear, wanting to know more about it and who could have made it. Is it hand knitted? English? French (he was friends with Picasso and Cocteau, so may have done a bit of shopping when he visited them in Paris)? Is it knitted from wool – Shetland wool perhaps?

It would be nice to think that it’s origins could be tracked down – and it would be nicer still if I had the spare time to re-create it…

Christopher Wood: Sophisticated Primitive is at Pallant House until 2nd October.

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New Book – Kids Learn to Stitch!


I’m really pleased to tell you that Francois Hall and I have teamed up once again to bring you a brand new book – Kids Learn to Stitch! We have combined my crafting skills and Francois’s witty, instructive illustrations to create another inspiring and delightful how-to book for children and adults.
Kids Learn to Stitch builds on our highly successful Kids Learn to series, which includes the much loved Kids Learn to Knit and Kids Learn to Crochet – and it is coming soon to somewhere near you!


We have made sure that learning how to stitch has never been so fun – or so easy! With a winning combination of step-by-step instructions and fabulous illustrations, children (and adults!) will learn all about the basics of making straight stitches and loop stitches, cutting out fun felt shapes, and stitching things together with simple seams.
Best of all, with the help of the two clever little mice Peg and Pip, newfound skills can be practised along the way with fantastic, easy to work projects like a big bad bug, a handy pincushion mouse, a friendly dog and even a sparkly, hot headed dragon.

Over the next few weeks and months I will be bringing you more Kids Learn To Stitch news, special book offers, tips for project ideas and lots more besides – so watch this space…

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Knitting, Stitching And Doing

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This summer has been a bit different as not only have I been knitting (and knit travelling – the photos show coastline and sheep from these travels), I’ve also been stitching and generally doing a lot of sorting out.

Earlier in the summer I made the finishing touches to a brand new book – of which there will be much more very soon and you can click here to receive my newsletter with the latest updates. I also started to research and photograph ideas for some new work – for products and collections – and there will be more on this too…

I’ve also been doing a huge amount of sorting through years of accumulated yarn, fabric and ‘stuff’ in my attic to make way for lovely new studio space (for all the knitting and stitching there is to do).
Brighton is a vibrant, arty place and while there are new studios popping up – Tutton & Young’s lovely Atelier51 is one very fine example – affordable, accessible and acceptable studio space gets harder and harder to find. Over the years of living in Brighton I’ve had several studios, and have slowly gravitated from being in and around the North Laines to working from home (about a 10 minute cycle ride from the centre). I know I’m lucky enough to have my own home – which albeit relatively small, does have an attic to expand into, so for now I’m ok. But for lots of artists, makers and designers it is tough and can be really expensive – and not only in Brighton.
I thought this article in May and Junes issue of Crafts Magazine by Rosy Greenlees from the Crafts Council was pertinent and made interesting reading…

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