Folk Knitting



Start planning your Autumn knitting projects with the latest copy of Folk Knitting from Interweave – not only are there patterns for my Maarika Bag (originally designed for (Colorknits), and the Ola Pullover (Northern Knits), there are also patterns for a Marianne Isager knitted vest, a pair of Turkish knitted folk stockings, a pair of medieval middle eastern inspired stockings, Shetland wool wrist warmers, as well as an article on Andean knitting secrets by Mary Jane Mucklestone. And, of course, lots more besides…

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Vat Moss Rule

Just to let you know that due to this controversial EU rule, if you live in any EU country (other than the UK), and would like to buy one of my patterns from my shop, you will no longer be able to buy instantly but will instead have to use the contact page and directly email your request.

An invoice will be sent to you, and once payment has been made your pdf will be emailed directly.

I know – this is a pain, and VAT Moss is a very draconian rule for small, non vat paying businesses.

There is currently a UK lobby which is trying to introduce a minimum so that small suppliers are not caught up in it all…

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Sonia Delaunay


It was a real pleasure to finally get to see the Sonia Delaunay exhibition at the Tate Modern. Delaunay’s work, and in particular her simultaneous contrast colour work and textile designs for fabric, carpets and bags, have always been hugely influential for me.
It was especially inspiring to see the truly wonderful embroidered coats and jackets.
It runs until the 9th August…


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The Clangers Are Back!


The all knitted, pink space creatures from the late 60’s and early 70’s are back for a new series.
You can find out all you need to know about Clangers, what they get up to and why, here.
I have also been enjoying this very lovely book ‘The Art of Smallfilms’ – where you can see a Clanger knitting (sort of – with only one needle and a dropped stitch…).

You may also remember that I have suggested before that you could in fact knit your very own Clanger and of course you can always watch an original episode…

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NuppsIt’s been really useful to to wear my Riita Scarf (from First Frost), on recent chilly evenings.
This light little scarf is knitted in Tosh Lace and decorated with lots of lovely nupps.

A nupp  – which rhymes with soup (Nancy Bush from the Wooly West said that) – is essentially an Estonian knitted bobble.

Nupps are usually used to enhance lace stitches and are made by loosely working k1, yo into a stitch either five, seven, or nine times depending on the required size and type of yarn used. These loops are then purled together as one stitch on the following row. The nupps on the Riita scarf are made by wrapping the yarn nine times – the more times you wrap the more distinct the nupp will be.

Although they can be tricky to make at first – you have to make sure your tension is consistent – once you get going nupps are very satisfying to knit…

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