Crochet Nålbindning

Swedish crochet nålbindning with a hook is relatively easy to learn (compared to its tricksy sister technique of nålbindning with a single needle) – if you can crochet you will be able to pick it up quickly.
Elsie Britt Sondell Wårnersson, a professional nålbindning expert, ‘discovered’ this technique about 7 years ago when examining an ancient glove that had been found in Jämtland Sweden. The Jämtland museum had labelled it as nålbindning – there were similarities but she believed it to have been made with a hook rather than a single needle. She called on her good friend the knitwear designer Ulrika Andersson to help her decipher and recreate the work – and crochet nålbinding was re-discovered. The Nordiska Museet in Stockholm has now officially acknowledged this as a ‘new’ technique, however there must be a distinction between nålbindning with a single needle and short lengths of yarn, and crochet nålbindning which is done with a single hook and unbroken yarn. They are not the same but they are equally old and visually there are similarities.

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Yarnfolk Wool Fest 2018

I am really looking forward to the Yarnfolk Wool Fest here in Northern Ireland on Saturday August 4th as I will be teaching one of my favourite workshops An Introduction to Crochet Nålbindning.
This is a really exciting opportunity to learn this ‘new’ technique that has only been acknowledged by the Nordic Museum in Stockholm as authentic in the last few years.
There will be beautiful Swedish yarn to use and original patterns to work from as you learn.
Find out more here and here


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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a beautiful place to live and I’ve found that there is much to inspire me and plenty of space and air to breathe…

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Happy New Year!

2017 was a year with a difference for me – a year of change and exciting challenges. I spent many months packing up and relocating home and studio from Brighton on the south coast of England over to beautiful Northern Ireland. Of course, these life events never go smoothly let alone to plan and what should have taken only a few months took the best part of a year.

Now that I’m settling in to my new home and studio, I’m really looking forward to 2018. My passion for all things woollen and knitted continues and despite many projects having been temporarily on hold, I’m now able to get on with designing and developing new ideas.

Thank you to all friends and customers for your support in 2017 – here’s to a happy, prosperous and woolly 2018!

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Twined knitting workshop

Join me for a three day workshop and learn an ancient Scandinavian knitting technique for creating authentically constructed, embroidered and decorated Swedish mittens and mitts using 5 needles and Swedish Z-spun, pure wool yarn.
The course will run from Monday 5th through to Thursday 8th February 2018 at West Dean college near Chichester in Sussex.

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