Nice Knits

I picked up a copy of Interweaves Knitting Traditions Fall 2012 when I was in America as it has plenty of nice knits in it. There’s a pattern for the very handsome pair of Estonian gloves that appear on the front cover – these are designed by the legendary Nancy Bush and are available as a kit.

And there are patterns for Swedish cushions, a pair of traditional Lithuanian mittens, classic black and white Norwegian mittens as well as an article on Peruvian knitting and much, much more besides.
Oh, and by the way there is also a lovely big advert for Northern Knits Gifts on the back cover!

I also wanted to share with you this perfect, hand knitted, miniature mitten which was given to me as a gift following my decorative Estonian cast on’s workshop which was held at Lion Brand Yarn Studio.
I think it is absolutely wonderful and it  will always remind me of New York – thank you June!

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