NuppsIt’s been really useful to to wear my Riita Scarf (from First Frost), on recent chilly evenings.
This light little scarf is knitted in Tosh Lace and decorated with lots of lovely nupps.

A nupp  – which rhymes with soup (Nancy Bush from the Wooly West said that) – is essentially an Estonian knitted bobble.

Nupps are usually used to enhance lace stitches and are made by loosely working k1, yo into a stitch either five, seven, or nine times depending on the required size and type of yarn used. These loops are then purled together as one stitch on the following row. The nupps on the Riita scarf are made by wrapping the yarn nine times – the more times you wrap the more distinct the nupp will be.

Although they can be tricky to make at first – you have to make sure your tension is consistent – once you get going nupps are very satisfying to knit…

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