Finally, I have had the chance to take a proper look through the latest Fall 2012 edition of Colorknits – and very good it is too.

I like the idea that there is a magazine dedicated to understanding and celebrating the use of colour and how to incorporate it into your knitting. Choosing colours to knit with is usually a very personal decision but deciding how to combine and proportion colours successfully can become more of an informed choice and Ann Weaver’s article ‘Discovering Color’, is a really useful introduction to colour theory and the use of ‘Color Progression’ in knitted designs. I would not have thought of the colour wheel as an essential tool for the knitter, but I will now, and Ann Weaver reviews the best ones and more.

This is the first online magazine that I’ve read on an ipad, and I have discovered that the difference with reading an online, digital magazine (as opposed to a ‘traditional’ one), is the ease with which you can move from the magazine page to a website and back again – no more getting up from your comfy chair (or wherever you may be reading your copy of Colorknits), and typing web addresses into your computer. It is seamless and easy to use – I loved it!

The most illuminating part of the magazine for me, was actually hearing Alice Starmore describe her approach to using colour. There is a short video where she discusses how it is a major force in her work and her accompanying photographs of her island home, the Isle of Lewis, are stunning and not to be missed.

And of course there is my contribution to ColorKnits, the Maarika Bag which is featured on the cover. Pop up techniques, tips and a demonstration video are provided to help you on your way with completing this project.
I urge you to buy your copy now.

Here’s some colour from my garden – it feels like Summer is fading and Autumn is waiting, just around the corner…

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  1. Miriam Kleijnen says:

    Hi Lucinda..this is my favourite time of the year. The rich colours, a little wind..the magical air. Today I try to find out what you write about reading the book by Ipad. I love books and don’t know what to do when its more complicated.Maybe stupid..but I need one of my children to help me with all that kind of things. Because It seems a great book I will do all the efforts. The Maarika bag..I told you already before a beauty!!!!! I’m looking foreward to your new book..Hope to see you once in Holland. Byeeeee Miriam.

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