Crochet Nålbindning

Swedish crochet nålbindning with a hook is relatively easy to learn (compared to its tricksy sister technique of nålbindning with a single needle) – if you can crochet you will be able to pick it up quickly.
Elsie Britt Sondell Wårnersson, a professional nålbindning expert, ‘discovered’ this technique about 7 years ago when examining an ancient glove that had been found in Jämtland Sweden. The Jämtland museum had labelled it as nålbindning – there were similarities but she believed it to have been made with a hook rather than a single needle. She called on her good friend the knitwear designer Ulrika Andersson to help her decipher and recreate the work – and crochet nålbinding was re-discovered. The Nordiska Museet in Stockholm has now officially acknowledged this as a ‘new’ technique, however there must be a distinction between nålbindning with a single needle and short lengths of yarn, and crochet nålbindning which is done with a single hook and unbroken yarn. They are not the same but they are equally old and visually there are similarities.

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