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The Scandinavians have a particularly firm belief that all aspects of everyday life should be enhanced through the use of beautiful everyday objects made from natural materials. And the enjoyment and sharing of such everyday items to create a nurturing, cosy environment is a specific Scandinavian aesthetic – Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah).

My latest book, Northern Knits Gifts, is a collection of everyday garments for men, women and children as well as objects for the home, which embraces this notion of Hygge. All the projects have been designed with gifting in mind and range from the essential, quick and easy Fridmar hat which is knitted in a worsted weight, pre-spun Icelandic yarn to the more quirky and complex Rya Flower Cushion which is knitted (and knotted!) in a lace weight Danish yarn.

There are also patterns for socks, slippers, scarfs, mittens, mitts, hats, a woman’s cape and cardi, a child’s hat and sweater, a baby blanket, a toy doll and a bird doorstop.
And, just as with my first Northern Knits book, traditional northern knitting techniques have been used to create the projects: two – colour stranded and Fair Isle, Twined knitting, Damask, Estonian and Fair Isle lace as well as my own form of Rya .
Throughout the book I have used beautiful, traditional pure wool Nordic yarns. Many are from small, sustainable suppliers using indigenous sheep breeds, others are from manufacturers with a long history and they include Riihivilla, Ullcentrum, Isager, Dale of Norway, Jamieson & Smith, Kauni, Sirri, Istex, and Hifa. However, never fear if any of these yarns are not readily available to you as there are instructions with each project to help you find an appropriate substitution. Happily, any weight of yarn could be used with the instructions for projects such as the Dimitie Scarf, Freja Twined Scarf, Annelli Doll, Oda Baby Blanket, Oluffa Doorstop and Rya Flower Cushion – just make sure you follow the suggested tension on the ball band and are happy to have a much larger or smaller sized project!

It is already published in the states so you can read reviews here and here.

If you don’t want to buy it from Amazon but want to support an independent yarn shop, Loop is stocking it and if you really just can’t wait it is available here as an ebook.
I hope you enjoy it – please let me know…

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6 Responses to Hygge!

  1. Miriam says:

    Wow Lucinda, I received your book and it is GREAT!!!!! I knew I would love the Oda Blanket and I love it. It is a baby blanket but I will make it bigger. Be proud of yourself..Now I have to look for the right yarn, because you always use the right colours. A lot of greetings..bye Miriam.

  2. Mary white says:

    Hi, which of your books has a pattern for the above ” doll”, please .

  3. Lucinda says:

    Great – and that’s a useful link for anyone else in Holland.
    Many thanks!

  4. Miriam says:

    Hi Lucinda, I just saw that I can order it here in Holland at bol.com..which I will do today ofcourse. Finelly!! I am allready sure that I will love the book. I will let you know when I received it. Bye Miriam.

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