Icelandic Wool

The outstanding quality of Icelandic wool is, quite rightly, legendary.
Ístex, the sole manufacturer of Icelandic wool, uses only pure wool from Icelandic sheep supplied by Icelandic farmers – it is unique and I love it.
I love it for its superbly light, insulating and cosseting nature and its magnificent colour palette which ranges from Arctic white to ember red, and sheep browns to Aurora Borealis greens.
I have blogged about it before and I still maintain that it really is ideal winter wool!

As well as buying the yarn directly from the manufacturers, you can buy it from here in the US and here in the UK.
I have used the lace weight and Lopi for several projects in Northern Knits (the Ennid Shawl, Hulda Striped Pullover, Yrsa Mitts, Unner Pullover and Llilja Jacket) and Northern Knits: Gifts (Fridmar Hat and Ida Mitts) and now, the Lopi and Lett Lopi for Snowy Ned.

Ask your local yarn shop to stock Icelandic wool and get knitting.
Keep warm this winter by wearing wool!

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3 Responses to Icelandic Wool

  1. Lara says:

    We’ve also added some free knitting patterns with designs made of Álafoss and Létt lopi.

    Looking forward to seeing you in our new webstore:

  2. Lara says:

    Hi Lucinda… just came across your website and i really like your article.
    I just wanted to let you know that Alafoss just launched their new website which is an online store with great selection of icelandic wool shipped worldwide. Alafoss lopi, Lettlopi, plotulopi and many more.

    Feel free to stop by :0) Happy shopping.

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