SnowIf you are snowed up and can’t get out and are in need of inspiration then you may like to look at some of these nice blogs – perhaps you know them already!

There must be many more wonderful, interesting, informative and inspirational blogs out there that I just don’t know about, however, these few (I really don’t find time to look at more) are the ones that  I visit regularly to be inspired…

Finnish artist and photographer vialiivia

Swedish photographer Elisabeth Dunker’s  finelittleday (she also has a nice shop)

Swedish artist Camilla Engman (she also has a nice shop too)

This lovely blog hejtjorven often features beautiful photos of folk costume and folk art books (and currently has a feature on Northern Knits Gifts this month!). It also has many, many inspiring links to other things and other blogs …

Leena Riihelä, not only produces the very special Riihivilla yarns but also keeps a great blog where, among other things she discusses natural dyeing

And of course there is Purl Soho

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