Knitted Hygge!

Quite rightly, hygge is currently being fully embraced not only by the Scandinavians but by all us Europeans and Americans – and I was really pleased to see this recent article from Interweave.

All the projects in Northern Knits: Gifts (Interweave 2012), were designed in celebration of the concept of hygge and the hand knitted gift. Having spent time in Scandinavia I was aware that there was a history of a collective Scandinavian love and appreciation of the natural world and a belief that all aspects of daily life should be enhanced through the use of beautiful everyday objects made from natural materials. Hygge is a Scandinavian word for this specific aesthetic that, although not easily translatable, can mean warmth, humour, comfort, tenderness, contentment and wellbeing. It can be applied not only to things, which should be shared in a loving and generous way, but also to people and environments – and of course it can be applied to the making and giving of knitted projects…
Happy hygge knitting!

Annelli Doll (Northern Knits: Gifts)
Härmä Socks (First Frost)
Liv Socks (Northern Knits)
Märta Bag (Northern Knits)
Noomi Slippers (Northern Knits: Gifts)
Oda Baby Blanket (Northern Knits: Gifts)
Oluffa Doorstop (Northern Knits: Gifts)
Ulla Socks (Northern Knits)

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