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Exactly one year ago, Francois and I were travelling around Denmark and Sweden in our trusty van. It was a fantastic five weeks that combined both a holiday and a research trip. It took us across Denmark to Copenhagen, on to Gothenburg and the Bohuslän coast of Sweden, and back to north Jutland. It was while staying in Skagen, in the very north of Denmark, that we were lucky enough to meet and chat with Danish knitwear designer Marianne Isager at her nearby home and studio. Marianne’s yarns and designs are exceptionally fine and beautiful and available in a superb and sophisticated array of colours. Her designs are often inspired by her travels (she lives in Tokyo for part  of the year) as well as museum artifacts and traditional knitting. Marianne’s daughter, Helga Isager is the talent behind Amimono.

There is a free, Marianne Isager sweater pattern to download here.
Other interesting and well respected Danish knitwear designers are Vivian Hoxbro and Hanne Falkenberg.

And if you are planning on going to Copenhagen, then you will find quite a few inspiring yarn shops including this one, which also has a really useful English/Danish and a Danish/English glossary on their website making it possible to translate the Danish patterns yourself…

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2 Responses to Last Year…

  1. Lucinda Guy says:

    Miriam – yes, there was so much beautiful hand craft to be seen and I think it would be very inspiring indeed to live in Copenhagen!

  2. Miriam Kleijnen says:

    Hi Lucinda. you are right..Copenhagen is great. Do you know what I liked the most? When we walked in the evening through the city, there were people doing their handcraft in the basement of their houses. Because the houses are build so nice we could see them working. Sometimes in shops the owner has his workplace in the back. It is kind of an authentic feeling we had there. I wish I could have that kind of shop with only beautiful things I made by myself. But I am also sure I would earn no money here. So maybe moving to Copenhagen?? bye Miriam.

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