Mittens and Socks

the-mitten-bookIt is still cold enough outside to need a good pair of warm, woolen hand knitted mittens and hand knitted socks.

And a great source of inspiration for such projects is this small book (103 pages), which is filled with beautifully simple, traditional Swedish mitten designs and motifs. Although it doesn’t give prescriptive written patterns to follow and it is left entirely up to you to try out yarns and motifs, it does give tension and sizing guidelines for mittens for all the family.

The author, Inger Gottfridsson grew up on the Swedish island of Gotland – an island that has a long knitting history stretching back to at least the end of the 1600’s. Inspired by the out of print 1925 Gotland Knitting book by Hermanna Stengard, and by Stengard’s collection of traditional Gotland knitting, both Inger, and her sister in law Ingrid Gottfridsson, wanted to knit local, traditional Gotland designs.

However, they were both frustrated by the lack of available knitting patterns specific to Gotland and so, quite simply, decided to compile their own collection.

First published in 1987, The Mitten Book is still available from Amazon (used copies only)  – and hopefully in good second hand bookshops too of course.

You can get nice, pure Gotland wool yarn from Blacker Yarns here in the UK.

The pictures above show knitted baby socks and miniature doll’s mittens knitted by Inger Gottfridsson (from the book Made in Sweden which I’ve blogged about before here).

Enjoy your mitten knitting…

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2 Responses to Mittens and Socks

  1. haley says:

    where can I get this book??

    • Lucinda Guy says:

      Sadly, this book is now out of print but if you are prepared to search for it you should be able to find a copy online or in second hand book shops.
      You can get used copies on
      Good luck!

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