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It’s National Wool Week this week and what better way to celebrate than with some new patterns, all of which are knitted in a pure Shetland wool yarn. Ronnie The Fox, Little Florie Fox, and the Folk Angel and Folk Bird are now all available in my shop for you to knit.

Although a 4ply (Super Fine Fingering) yarn has been used for each of the toys and decorations you could use any weight of yarn with the instructions provided.
Just make sure that you follow the suggested tension on the ball band and are, of course, happy to have a larger finished project if you use thicker yarn and a smaller project if you use a finer yarn.

Using a pure wool yarn is great for toys, as once washed it should felt a little to produce a nice, slightly firm fabric which is ideal for stuffing, (the toy filler won’t show through), and embroidering the eyes, mouths and cheeks onto.

I would recommend using pure sheep’s fleece as a toy filler (washed but not necessarily carded) because it is beautifully light and gives the toy or decoration a pleasingly plump look and feel.

Really can’t believe that I’m off to New York in less than two weeks time – as well as workshops I’m doing a book signing here.

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