Northern Knits

Designs inspired by the knitting traditions of Scandinavia, Iceland and the Shetland Isles.

Northern Knits celebrates the pure, natural wool yarns that have a place in the folk art of their land of origin, the pure Shetland wool used in fine Shetland lace work and Fair Isle knitwear, Norwegian yarn in classic Norwegian ski wear, pure Icelandic yarns that make up traditional Lopi sweaters and pure Swedish wool used for traditional twined knitting.

Northern Knits opens with an introduction that explores the traditions of these quintessential knitting cultures, from the wool and yarns to the history of the garments traditionally made from them.

The collection of 20 very wearable women’s garments and accessories use traditional knitting techniques and folk motifs to showcase these classic wool yarns. Featured techniques include knitting in the round, lace, Fair Isle, twined knitting, and embroidery.

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