4th August 2018 – 10am – 1pm

Yarnfolk Wool Fest
Lourdes Pastorial Care Centre, Victoria Avenue
Whitehead, Northern Ireland

An Introduction to Crochet Nålbindning

Learn an ancient Scandinavian crochet technique for creating woollen textiles using a single hook and Swedish pure wool yarn

Swedish crochet nålbindning is a form of nålbindning that is equally ancient but rather than using a single needle, uses a single hook. In the last few years the Nordic Museum in Stockholm has acknowledged Crochet nålbindning as a ‘new’ discovery and an authentic technique. It is easier and quicker to work than nålbindning with a single needle and, with a basic understanding of crochet, it is easily learned – this really is an exciting opportunity to learn a ‘new’ technique that is little known (if at all), outside of Sweden.

This workshop would be ideal for the intermediate 
crocheter who has either taken a related course or has some
existing skills as you will need to be able to crochet confidently.
There will be a pattern for simple mitts to work on as you learn and then take home. Once you have completed the workshop you will have a basic understanding of how to plan and crochet nålbind your own mitts.