Swedish Twined Socks

Just a quick reminder that my Ulla Twined Socks from Northern Knits are featured in issue 38 of The Knitter – there’s an in-depth look at Sweden’s knitting traditions and the Ulla Sock pattern is available for you to knit.

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2 Responses to Swedish Twined Socks

  1. Amy Gardner says:

    I LOVE these socks and I am starting the heel but I am not sure if I understand the directions. Is there somewhere I can get some help?

    Love the new book too!


    • Lucinda Guy says:

      I’m really pleased you like the socks and would love to help you out but I am on holiday at the moment in NY City with limited acess to everything (Sandy!). So if you are happy to wait I shall be back and able to help around 12th November…

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