Warm and Wooly Sirri

Faroese yarn company Sirri produces incredibly beautiful, wildly robust and superbly hard wearing yarn that will keep you warm and cosy through the winter months.
It is available not only in soft natural tones but also cheerful, bright solid colours and I have used the Sirri 2-fold yarn for several projects in Northern Knits Gifts.

The yarn arrives with more than a little whiff of the sheep remaining as well as a few bits and pieces of plant matter from the far off Faroese fields. But this is all good as it means only one thing – that the yarn is not over processed and retains plenty of its natural oils. Consequently, it is easy to knit with and responds wonderfully to washing when its softer and more fragrant character is revealed.

It is ideal for outdoor garments like the Marna Cape – imagine striding across cliff tops with the cape to keep you warm!  – or for projects that demand more wear and tear such as the Oluffa Doorstop (which could also make a fantastic cushion or even a tea cosy as someone has suggested in a review!), and the Noomi Slippers (which can also be worn inside welly boots for extra warmth).

And of course, Sirri yarn is ideal for sweaters and was used by Gudrun & Gudrun for the sweater worn by Sarah Lund in The Killing.
Sirri has a cardigan version here and a fantastic man’s sweater here.
And shade C102 is very beautiful indeed…

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  1. Fiona Parker says:

    Lovely article!
    We thought you might be interested to know that we now have the full range of Faroese yarn, including Sirri, at our online shop: http://www.islandwool.co.uk.
    It would be great to have a chat sometime!
    Fiona and Daniel
    The Island Wool Company

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