West Dean Workshops

It will be wonderful to be back at West Dean in February teaching Swedish crochet and knotting techniques again.
These workshops were really popular, and just like last year the first workshop will be, Swedish Crochet: An Introduction to Crochet Nålbindning and Smygmask Virkning, which runs from the 12th – 14th of February. This is a really exciting opportunity to learn Crochet Nålbindning, a ‘new’ technique that has only been acknowledged by the Nordic Museum in Stockholm as an authentic technique in the last few years.
You will also be able to learn Smygmask Virkning – or slip stitch crochet – which is an equally ancient slip stitch crochet technique that has long been used as a distinctively firm and decorative edging for Swedish folk knitted mittens, socks and sweaters.
I shall also be teaching an extended Swedish Nålbindning: The Basics from the 14th -16th of February. This will be an ideal opportunity for those who missed out on the workshop last year or for anyone who needs a refresher – and lets face it, nålbindning is so tricksy that just about everyone needs a refresher from time to time!

For each workshop there will be beautiful, authentic Swedish yarn to work with, as well as artisan nålbindning needles and skedkroks (more on these soon)…
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Photos: Nålbindning and crochet nålbindning mittens from the Nordic museum.

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