Wool Matters!

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Pure wool is always my preferred choice for a knitting yarn as it has an aesthetic appeal, which in my opinion is unmatched by other fibers. It is warm, insulating, cosseting, and durable and has been part of our everyday life’s for centuries. From the clothes that we wear to the carpets that we walk on, wool has been used as insulation, decoration and currency. Hundreds of years after it was first used its production is still sustainable, it’s plentiful and it is right here on our doorsteps!

In celebration of wool, it is British Wool Weekend this weekend.
Find out more about wool production from The Natural Fiber Company which is based in Cornwall, and buy their beautiful Blacker Yarns from here.
Welsh company Garthenor produce organic pure wool yarns from many of the rare native British sheep breeds.

If you want to brush up on your sheep breeds, (and who doesn’t!), have a look here.

And there is lots to look forward to as Shetland Wool Week is in early October, followed by Wool Week 2012, organised by The Campaign for Wool.

The pictures above show a Ukranian Keptar, a sheepskin jerkin embroidered with woollen thread and leather applique, a traditional Irish Aran sweater and an all wool Tibetan saddle rug.

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