Hand Knitting: The Basics (Beginners)
Swedish Nålbindning: The Basics (Beginners)
Swedish Crochet Nålbindning (Intermediate)
Baltic Knitting (Intermediate)
Nordic Mitten Making (Intermediate)
Swedish Twined Knitting (Intermediate)
Thrums and Thrumming! (Intermediate)
Estonian Decorative Cast Ons (Intermediate)
Folk Pattern Socks (Intermediate)
Northern Knits: Folk Knitting 1 & 2 (Intermediate)
Northern Knits: Steeking & Cutting (Intermediate)
Using Colour: Intarsia Explained (Intermediate)


Crochet: The Basics (Beginners)
Crochet Know-How (Intermediate)

If you are interested in hosting any of these workshops, either for your shop or an event, please contact for more details.

Get to grips with hand knitting, nålbindning, twined and crochet skills…

Whether you are a complete beginner, simply want to brush up on your knitting, nålbindning or crochet skills, or are keen to learn something more advanced and exciting, there will be a workshop to suit you and your needs.

You can choose from a range of one day workshops, evening classes and longer 2 or 3 day residential courses. All classes are for adults and will follow a fairly intensive schedule, the teaching is flexible however, allowing you to go at your own pace.